Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Missing Devin

Devin has been gone two weeks and still has three more to go. We are missing him so much but we know this experience affords rich opportunities for his personal growth that will stay with him a lifetime.

In the last couple of years, Devin has traveled to England, Australia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Texas, Canada, Bermuda, and now Peru. How will he ever be socialized? ;) From the look of the pictures his pal, Xavia, has been taking, he's rockin' it.

Devin met a shaman and learned new ways to celebrate the Earth! 

I am missing him so much, but more than that, I am happy that he is creating amazing memories.


Devin, Miro, Xavia, Lainie, and their new shaman friend, Cesear.
Devin loved this experience.


~ Garden Summerland said...

This is just AMAZING! So pleased for Devin. What a fantastic opportunity for him & so worth it!

Leigh mcc said...

Is there an organization Devin is traveling


Leslie Genchi said...

I agree. More info on how he travels?!!?