Friday, May 15, 2015

Beautiful Yarn Balls Project

What You Need For Yarn Balls:
  • yarn (whatever colors you like)
  • balloons: Various size circular balloons to make different sizes
  • white glue: I used Elmers Glue

  • Pour white glue onto a plate. (It washes off the plate pretty easy, but if you are worried about  it, use a paper plate.) 
  • Lightly blow up one balloon, so it stays round and not oval. 
  • Pull the yard through the glue as you wrap it around the balloon. 
  • Continue wrapping until it covers a lot of the balloon. You want the yarn to resemble a ball. 
  • Let yarn balloons dry overnight. When you wake up the yarn should be stiff and hard. 
  • Pop balloon and pull through one of the larger spaces in the yarn ball. 

    These are so magically pretty! We hung ours on our indoor tree! You can put them in a basket, hang them in your bedroom or give them as a gift!

    Hope you loved this project! 
    Peace & Love, Dayna


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Anonymous said...

I love this little project! Thanks for sharing!