Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Children Aren't Neglected! They Are Respected!

I've created several memes to share snippets of Radical Unschooling philosophy. The most controversial of which being this first one. What I am sharing in this meme is the freedom and respect that children deserve in regards to their own bodies. The interesting thing is, most people in disagreement with this meme are making assumptions that children, when given information and support, will made bad choices. If my child doesn't want to wear a jacket somewhere, I bring it for him. I am always there to ensure they have warm clothes, if they change their mind.
Being barefoot is healthy and we support our children in being barefoot when they want to be. This doesn't mean they are barefoot all the time. They understand when it is necessary, and never protest when shoes are necessary.

"Children with the healthiest and most supple feet are those who habitually go barefoot, according to Dr. Lynn T. Staheli and a growing number of other pediatric orthopedists. His studies of developing nations show that non-shoe-wearers have better flexibility and mobility, stronger feet, fewer deformities, and less complaints than those who wear shoes regularly." Lynn Staheli, MD

This meme went viral on social media. I received dozens of messages, comments and emails as a result of sharing this the other day. The support for this promotion of children's rights was overwhelming.
Times are changing, and I am happy that those looking for an alternative way of raising children can find inspiration and support from our family.

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Tabitha said...

Love this! Will definitely be sharing this on Facebook w/my friends.