Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dayna Martin International Advocacy

Our family has recently returned from an amazing trip to Mexico, where I spoke at Anarchapulco.
I spoke about Compassion for children and animals and also did a one day workshop on Peaceful Parenting. The kids had an amazing time Unschooling in Mexico! They learned so much and connected with many amazing people. Here are a few pics from our trip:
The people at Anarchapulco were some of the most intelligent and passionate people that I've ever met. Freedom fighters are so open and excited about Unschooling and so hungry to learn how to live in peace with their children.

We stayed with our good friends, Lisa and Nathan in Mexico. They were so kind and generous to invite us into their home. It was just beautiful! We had our own penthouse and enjoyed their pool and showers outside. 

Orion in his bliss!

This pic was taken right after my main presentation called, "ReAwakening Compassion"

This was my audience! It was such a powerful speaking engagement. I was honored to bring the idea of peace and compassion to those who have no voices. 

Joe took this incredible pic of some homes in Mexico City. 

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