Sunday, May 13, 2007

Devin's Spa

Dakota usually goes to sleep first out of the three kids. Devin and Ivy then have their special time together. The other night Devin told Ivy he was going to give her a Spa Treatment. It was so cute and loving, that my eyes filled with tears of happiness when I saw him. I walked into the kitchen and there he was giving her a massage. He put a warm cloth on her head and a warmed blanket over her "for relaxation", he said. Ivy absolutely adores him! It was so special for the two of them. He is such a loving brother!

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Danielle said...

OMG, too funny—Sam does this, too! The other day the kids were opening up stores, and Sam opened a spa in the bathroom. He had hot towels going in the sink, a pillow to lay down for a massage, and even a blue-tinted tub for a wishing well.

Glad to have a new blog to read!