Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Devin's New Hobby

Devin came to me today and said that after learning about one of the characters on his Sly 3 Playstation game, he wanted to make spices like the character in the game was. In his exact words, "It really inspired me Mom!" It amazes me that most folks think games like Sly 3 are garbage or non-educational.
Devin and I talked about that today, and how we learn from everything we watch and play! To limit TV or games would be limiting learning.

He and I picked herbs from the garden and Devin thread a rope across two nails. He hung the herbs to dry by some clothespins. He can't wait for the herbs to dry to grind them into spices.

His passions are like flames to me! He gets so intensely interested in something that all his energy becomes completely focused on it for whatever lifespan it has. I am so thankful we are Unschooling and living this life so his passions are not interrupted by someone elses agenda and ideas of what he should be doing with his time. Every day I am so thankful for our awesome life. I can't wait to use Devin's dried herbs in my cooking soon!

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