Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Martin's First RV Trip

WOW! We did it! Our first RV trip together! It was so amazing and even better than we knew it could be! Everyone is napping and adjusting to being back home.
We went to an RV resort in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. The drive there and back was really cool. It was so great being able to use the bathroom anytime and not have to pull over to find somwhere to go. We ate Popsicles straight from our freezer as we cruised, and the kids played Lego Star Wars II on the PlayStation as we drove also! It was just so cool!
Our camping site was really perfect right near a river. There were 3 pools, mini golf and an arcade. Devin played his first game of pool with some new guy friends he made. It was truly the best time our family has ever had together! We hit the beach last night before coming home and the kids went on a few rides. Joe won teddy bears for the kids as souvenirs.
Devin, Dakota and Ivy absolutely loved every minute of the trip! We are so grateful for our RV!

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