Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why I Respect Marilyn Manson

This Saturday Joe is going to see Marilyn Manson and Slayer perform live. If someone asked me what my "dream concert" would be it would be just those two bands! We couldn't believe that they were touring together. Slayer has been a part of our lives since Joe and I met. I remember being 15 and listening to Slayer. "Angel of Death" on Joe's stereo in his cool teenage-boy room. Heavy metal was a common interest of ours and something that brought us together when we met. I was fortunate to have met Tom Araya, the singer of Slayer when I was pregnant with Ivy. I told him that I was a Doula and listened to Slayer on the way to births. He said that it was really cool and gave me a hug.

Marilyn Manson, on the other hand came along later than my teenage years. As a young adult, I came to learn about him and how he became the Superstar that he is today. It amazed me to hear that even before he had a band, Marilyn Manson would stand outside at concerts giving out his flyer for people to come see him perform. He is the perfect example of the Law Of Attraction at work. He believed and felt he was a Superstar long before he actually was one. He truly lived his passion and was true to who he was from the beginning. His parents supported him every step of the way and they are a very close family.

He has helped so many teenagers feel they belong and are special and important. He is an amazing person, despite the first impression that he gives off to most in our culture. When I hear him speak and watch videos of his amazingly unique and artistic spirit, he inspires me! He reminds me that it doesn't matter what others think of me, as long as I am true to *Who I Am* I will always find Joy.

As a culture we encourage celebrating diversity of other nationalities, religions and lifestyle choices. Marilyn Manson reminds us to also honor the diversity of those with unique self expression. I respect him as a human being and thank him for the Joy he brings so many who can relate to him and feel better about themselves because of what he offers this World.
We all have something unique to offer one another if we can open our minds and hearts to receive eachothers amazing gifts.


Dave Baker said...

Awesome sis! Simply awesome! Keep up the GREAT work!
-"The Beautiful People"

Jodi Renshaw said...

Simply put, I agree Thanks for this post.