Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Martin Fairies

Yesterday the kids wanted to pick out their Halloween costumes. Devin chose a scary skeleton costume. Dakota decided to be a Midnight Fairy, and Ivy chose a Flower Fairy costume. I wanted to shop early before most of the good costumes were gone. Yes, I'm a planner. ;)
So far the girls have worn their costumes almost non-stop. With Halloween a month away, they will be very worn and well loved by the time we go trick or treating. I am so glad they love their costumes so much!

We have been decorating for Halloween for a couple days now. The kids are really into it and have been amazing little crafters and creators. They each made their own Halloween displays outside for all to enjoy. This time of year is so magical coming into the Holidays! We are all excited with so much to look forward to!

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