Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Playing With Fire

Today Devin and Dakota were interested in lighting the Halloween candles they made over and over again. During Ivy's nap I sat with them as they explored fire and hot wax. They were every so careful and so intrigued. We discussed how quickly the wax hardens and what is used to create matches and why they catch on fire. We played with fire for over an hour until the kids were done.
We went through 2 match books and the house still smells like sulphur. It was a very interesting time and the kids learned so much. Devin finally said, "Mom, I'm sick of playing with fire. Let's do something else now."

So many parents tell kids never to touch matches. Kids are then forced to sneak around to satisfy a natural interest and curiosity which is very dangerous without adult supervision. I am proud to say that my children can "play with fire" whenever they feel the need to with Joe and I by their side. They have no desire to do do it when we aren't around because they trust us and wouldn't feel safe doing so without us there.

We trust our kids and they trust us.
What an awesome side-effect of a respectful, peaceful life together!

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Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of when my mother made jelly... my sisters and I would stick our fingers in the hot paraffin until we had wax "fingers" that we could pull off. What fun! Of course, it *was* on the sly, because we would have gotten "in trouble"! I'm glad that's not even a concept in our home.