Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Rockin Time With Grandparents this Summer!

My Mother and Step-father came over from England for about 3 weeks this summer. We all had such a nice time together. They came to the Live and Learn Conference with us also. Although my Mom lives so far away, we are so close. We talk every day and the kids all enjoy their phone conversations with their grandparents. Here are a few pictures of Ebee (what the kids call my Mom), Devin, Dakota and Ivy playing "Red Light, Green Light" and "Balloon Volleyball".

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diana(hahamommy) said...

♥ I had no idea this lovely cosmoker is your mommy!! We bonded over camels and the view of the creek :) I think this is my first official acknowledgment of my presence in the Dayna Vortex! I'm gonna do an intro, any minute, on the Radical list and & signed up for the 30 day LoA practice (yay!)& just today (??) I find your blog :) Thanks for being a place for amazing things to happen, I'm excited to be in team with you and receive the gifts awaiting me and deliver the ones I'm here to share ♥