Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Brother's Love

The girls and I were downstairs looking at Dakota's "Find a Picture" book together. Devin was upstairs, I thought in his room building with Lego's. The house was very quite and relaxing. The sun was shining through the living room window splashing sunshine on the girls and I as we looked for hidden pictures together.

Devin came downstairs with a very suspicious look on his face. He tried so hard not to smile and asked us if we wanted to come upstairs to see something "cool" he did. A few minutes later the girls and I went upstairs to see Devin waving us in to Dakota's room.

This is what we found when we looked in her room. Dakota was not amused. I couldn't help laughing out loud. Ivy just stared in silence. It didn't take long for Dakota to destroy Devin's mischievous prank. Oh the sibling love that flows through our home! (sigh)

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