Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Visit With New Friends

The other day we were blessed with a visit from some new friends, Jess, her mother Collette and Jess's three adorable kids, who are also Unschoolers. They drove over two hours to spend the day with us, which we were so thankful for! It was a fun day of eating, sharing, playing and hiking. It was a nice, relaxing day effortlessly connecting with one another as we shared an unspoken understanding of eachother.

Jess and Collette surprised me with the most thoughtful gift! They searched in 7 stores before they found my beloved Lime Starburst! I was blown away and could barely hold back the tears. It wasn't so much the candy (which was awesome), it was that they cared enough to do something like this for me that made me feel so special, understood and loved. I have enough Lime Starburst now to take me through this pregnancy and many months postpartum. I am so thankful to have such great people in my life!

Collette started the first Unschooling Yahoo group for grandparents
She is providing a much needed resource to parents of Unschooling families for them to learn more about our unique, amazing lives. Collette is such a beautiful, energetic, loving person. I encouraged her to lead the Grandparents discussion at the next Live and Learn Conference. My Mom led the discussion this year called, "Grandparenting A Free Child", but unfortunately my Mom can't come next year.

I really enjoyed our visit with Jess, Collette and the kids! It was a fun day together with a common thread connecting us that was so special.

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