Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Latest Fairy Houses

Devin had an awesome idea of hollowing out his pumpkin to make into a fairy house. It came out so cool! We made toasted pumpkin seeds too, so it was a double treat! Devin's creativity never ceases to amaze me. I love facilitating his interests and riding the waves of his passions.

I love the fairy house Dakota made too. Once you get started with one, so many ideas come to you. We have turned so many people onto fairy house building once they visit our house. Our passion for this activity is very contagious!


Danielle said...

Julia: I thought that was really cool!

Sam: I want to say that I'm jealous!

Emily: Hey. Too cool! It's us—remember, from the conference.

Julia: That was awesome. I want to do one with a pumpkin too.

Emily: Your fairy houses turn out better than ours. We made teepees out of sticks, but they didn't turn out very well. Julia's was the only one that worked. We made fairy boats out of bark, string, and turkey feathers. They floated really well, but they kind of sunk a little. Sam's was the best at floating. The feathers projected them a little bit with the wind. We let them go in our mom's biggest pond. I hope you can have an idea from this. I have a blog, too. I'll try to send you an invitation. My blog's name is Secrets in Learning.

Julia: My blog's name is Imaginate, Create. I want to invite you, too.

Sam: My blog is Farm Sam.

Dayna Martin said...

Hi Julia and Sam and Emily

Of course we remember you from the conference. You were so nice and I loved playing with you. Thank you for leaving us this message about our fairy houses. My Mom said she loves your Mom and we are going to visit you sometime this year. You are such nice kids and people. See you soon I hope. Maybe after christmas.

Love Devin