Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hidden Pictures

The kids absolutely love any type of "Find a Picture" book. We must have every I Spy book ever made.
Here they are looking at a book containing tons of pictures to find. They must have layed on the floor for over an hour together searching for hidden pictures. It is one of the passions that they share and can enjoy together.

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Melissa said...

That is wonderful! We currently homeschool our son who is almost 10. I've been doing some research on unschooling and stumbled upon you're videos on YouTube. After watching many of your videos, along with my own research...I've decided unschooling is the way to go! Now I just need to convince my husband!

A funny thing...we had been planning on getting one of the Willow play kitchens even before I began researching unschooling (thanks to Mothering magazine). Funny how it all linked up!

Thanks so much for your informative videos!