Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Learning About Photography

Today Dakota and I took on a very interesting project. We wanted to learn how photographs were created.We took out a kit which contained sun-sensitive paper. Dakota placed several items of her choice on the paper. Then we took the paper outside in the sun for about 30 minutes.
When we took it in we rinsed the paper and soaked it for about 10 minutes. Little by little the images of the items Dakota placed on the paper appeared!

It was such an interesting, cool project! She and I learned so much about the process of photography! I love learning alongside my children! The memories we create everyday exploring our interests are one of the best aspects of our lives together.


Summer said...

Oh how neat! Where did you get the kit with the paper?

Dayna Martin said...

Hi Summer,

It was a Klutz book where we got the activitiy. The book is called "A Book of Artrageous Projects". It is the best Klutz book ever! Tons of cool activities.

Peace & Love, Dayna