Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Beautiful Blessingway

My Blessingway was just beautiful. It was the sweetest, most loving ceremony. I had about a dozen friends here all wishing me well on my upcoming birth. Joe and the kids were here too and all put beads or charms that they picked out on my Birthing Necklace. I soaked my feet in lavender oils and warm water with rose petals floating in it. It was very relaxing. Everyone who attended also brought a candle and at the end of the ceremony lit the candles and shared a wish for our family. When I am in labor I will light the candles for strength and support.

I have hosted Blessingways in my area for over six years now. I love facilitating and honoring other women in this way. Being on the receiving end was very different for me, but so incredible. I am so grateful for my friends who put their time and energy into making me feel so loved and supported.
After the ceremonial part of the Blessingway everyone ate yummy foods and created a tapestry with empowering art and words for our family to hang. It came out so beautifully. My sweet friend Rachel made me a beautiful flower halo/crown for my head which she put on me after this picture was taken.

Every woman deserves to be honored, pampered and supported like I was to prepare for birth. It was amazing and something that I will never forget.

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