Monday, January 14, 2008

Rockin Out With New Fruits

Part of my role as an Unschooling parent is introducing my family to new and exciting experiences. Even a simple trip the grocery store can become a wonderful, enriching trip when we are looking for new and fun foods to bring home to try.
The kids and I love to browse the International Foods aisle and choose something new and yummy looking. This leads us down many interesting paths and introduces us to new cultures and ideas. Whenever my Mom comes over from England she brings us so many new things to try. It is always so fun and an aspect of her visits that we always anticipate.
This week we decided to try some new fruits from the grocery store. We bought a Cuke-asaurus (horned fruit), and a fresh Coconut. Everyone tried the coconut milk and even though no one really liked it, they enjoyed trying something new.

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