Monday, January 14, 2008

A New Joy.... Crocheting!

This week my Mom introduced the kids to a new hobby. She bought yarn and crochet hooks for the kids and showed them all how to crochet. Devin and Dakota have absolutely loved it! Devin is on his way to making a blanket for himself and Dakota has made the worlds longest crocheted chain. Ivy hasn't really grasped it yet, but loves to tie the yarn around her crochet hook and play along side her brother and sister.


Sierra Mama said...

Isn't it fun to see them enjoying something and learning at the same time. My MIL taught my boys how to knit a little bit and they still love to play around with knitting needles. My oldest DS (Brandon) is 8 and loves to use the knifty knitter too. He's making himself a hat.


Summer said...

Oh how fun! I remember when my mom taught me how to crochet as a little girl. It's addictive. :)

Danielle said...

Tell your mom that my mother still speaks of her fondly—I'm sure she'd send her best.

Wishing you a peaceful, powerful birth!

Amberlee said...

This is soooo wonderful! I taught my hubby to knit a couple years ago and each child in turn has learned to either knit or crochet. Good for them! Can't wait to see their finished projects.