Saturday, March 8, 2008

Learn To Read With Runescape!

Devin recently discovered the Joys of the online game Runescape! He has had so much fun creating his character and building a house for himself. One of the features of the game is that you can walk around and chat with other online players.

Although Devin knew how to read to a small degree, he has learned SO much more just from asking other players questions and trading their online items among one another. This is the perfect example of how a child will learn what they need to learn in life from internal motivation. Devin has a real need to read and type to be able to communicate with other players. His brain was ready for this huge leap in his reading ability. I always trusted that he would learn what he needs to in life, and this is yet another example of this philosophy in action.

Yesterday I surprised him with the Runescape Guidebook that I found online to help feed his passion. When my kids are interested in something I do all that I can to give them as much of that interest as possible.

Whatever interest and passion my children have at any given time becomes the nucleus of their learning in that moment. It is my job to connect with them and feed their interests with anything connected to that passion that they may be interested in. I love this aspect of my role as their parent. Every interest is seemlessly connected to yet another interesting hobby or thing to explore. The learning and growing flows so authentically and naturally. It is such a Joyful way to Live and Learn together.

It all comes down to *Trust* living this life.

Here Devin is playing his newest passion Runescape.


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Pam said...

Hi Dayna: I just recently joined your radical unschooling list on yahoo. i'm a unschooling mom of three. I'm really great friends with Sunday Cote who is presenting at Rethinking Education this year-- you may know her. Anyway, my 9 year old daughter (and self-described tomboy), Julia really likes runescape and might enjoy playing and meeting up online with another unschooler. Do you think Devin might like to meet up in a Runescape world with Julia?

Dayna said...

Pam please email us back Devin would love to find her in Runescape.
Just send it to the group OT and we will give you our address.
Or she can look for devinj88 on runscape.