Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charactor Love

One aspect of Disney that we didn't know anything about was the "Charactor Greetings". When I was a kid and went to Disney, Mickey and the gang were just walking around. Now, most of the Disney charactors are in specific greeting locations throughout the parks. You have to stand in line to meet them and get a picture.

I was so suprised that this was one of the kids favorite things to do! We bought the kids autograph books and they Joyfully stood in line, smiled for pictures, played and danced with the charactors and asked for autographs from every charactor they met to add to their books.
It was so fun for all of us and something we are looking forward to for our next trip.

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Anonymous said...

Part of my job at the children's museum is to sometimes dress as various characters, or serve as the "handler". Disney has a great idea to have kids wait in line- sometimes, kids are afraid of the characters. You are supposed to quickly and quietly walk away when a child is afraid, but this is not always possible. Also, when walking around, a lot of kids like to try out their "karate kicks" on the characters, see if they can knock the head off, or other such violence. (lol)
Seems like disney thought waiting in line would curb these problems.

It's an extremely, extremely rewarding roll to play, though, despite the downsides.