Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sea World Dreams

We ended our amazing vacation with a trip to Sea World. My mom was so sweet and bought us all tickets. She said that we couldn't go down to Orlando and not go to Sea World. I am so grateful for her generous gift to us. I thought of her the whole day knowing how much she loves dolphins and whales. I just know someday we will be able to go there together.

Something amazing happened as we were observing the dolphins in the underwater tank. The dolphins were swimming around and one of them slowly swam over to us and stared at Ivy for quite a while. It was amazing. Ivy had a little dolphin toy and we don't know if it was her doll, or what, but this dolphin loved her! This was such a dream come true for Ivy. She absolutely adores animals. I swear this little dolphin knew it and was drawn to her. It was just so breathtaking!

Touching the Sting Rays was incredible. It was especially rewarding for my little angel Tiffany. Ivy and Devin were reaching in with no fear petting and rubbing the sting rays as they swam by. Tiff on the other hand was very nervous. She so wanted to touch them like we all were. She would put her hand just over a sting ray and pull it away just as it got close. I was so much like her as a little girl.

I stood right by her encouraging her and supporting her decision to just observe them for a while. After about half an hour she reaching it and quickly touched one as it swam by. I was so happy for her! I will never forget how her eyes sparkled as she turned and smiled at me. "I did it!" she said... "and it felt gross" I had to laugh.

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