Friday, June 13, 2008

Epcot Rocks!

My personal favorite park was Epcot! I have always loved learning about other cultures and Epcot is a magical place to do this. Not only that, but they have so many cool things for families to experience together. There is something called "Soarin" where you really and truly feeling like you are flying. It is amazing.....beyond words... I was crying when I was on this ride/experience because I wished that everyone on Earth could feel the way I felt. You fly over an orange grove and smell the orange blew my mind! Also there is something called Mission Space which for me, being a total Astronomy-geek was like a dream come true. You truly feel with the G-Force and everything, like you are taking off in the space shuttle, flying through space and landing on Mars. There was a point in this experience when I said to myself, "I never, ever want to forget this moment in my life". It was i n c r e d i b l e !

I always thought of Disney as having "rides" but at Epcot, they are not just rides, they are learning and growing opportunities for the whole family. If ever you thought Disney was "too expensive" you are sadly mistaken.... You get what you pay for and I promise you will never be the same after going and experiencing what Disney offers... I just never knew....

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