Friday, June 13, 2008

The Magic Kingdom with the Martin's

The first park we visited was the Magic Kingdom. This is the hub of all of Walt Disney World excitement. It was so amazing to revisit the place that I went to as a child! Cinderella's castle...the Dumbo ride...It's a Small was all there, just how I remembered it, with lots of new things to explore and share with my children. The fireworks and parades are every day! It truly was amazing!

As an Unschooling Mom it was such an easy vacation! Almost everyone who saw us said, "Wow! You're brave to take four young kids including a baby to Disney..what a lot of work!" but these people do not understand how we live our lives. They are coming from an understanding with kids who are in school or away from there parents most of the time and can't imagine or even comprehend having 4 young kids at home around the parents all day, everyday.
For us, this trip was easy. All of the fun was "ready made" and my role as my children's learning and fun facilitator was able to take a bit of a vacation for 2 weeks! Everywhere we went there was the enjoyment, learning and fun there for the taking. I didn't have to help to create it, as much as I enjoy my role in doing that every day. Most thought we were crazy to take on Disney saying that we'd need lots of days off and breaks.... Not our family. We woke up every morning ready to take on more fun......after all, it's what we are all about! We have a high stamina for fun! ;)

I used to be against Disney because of all of the commercialism I would read about, but I now see that embracing every growing and learning opportunity and chance to connect with my kids surpasses any past judgement that I ever had about a place that brings such joy to so many people. It was total bliss on every level. Being in a place where almost every family was smiling and happy for 2 weeks was a total blast and I am so grateful for every day we had there as a family.

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