Monday, June 30, 2008

Recycled Joy

We are aspiring Freegans.
We live in a time of excess and waste and Joe and I don't like to spend our money on things that we can find gently used. We believe in recycling and buying second hand items. We rarely, if ever pay full price for something. We believe this is an environmentally and socially conscious way of life for us. The girls love "dump days" because we often come home with new toys, books and odds and ends that bring them Joy. It really is exciting because you never know what you will find. We just got a new stereo the other day and Tif just got a bike in mint condition... Sweet!

We love our lives and I feel that "wanting" things is really normal and healthy. We are not minimalists and are not consumers..... We are this new, morphed breed of environmentalist-geek types, but we still love to have cool new and exciting things in our lives to learn and grow from. We believe we have found a wonderful balance with our wants, our wallets and the Earth.
I say we are aspiring Freegans because we aren't in the place of "diving for food" (don't think I could ever go there), but we feel good about our choices in other areas of our lives. When we want or need something in life, we just set the intention and we are amazing at how our desires manefest into our lives.
You don't have to spend money to get what you want in life... Just open your mind to ideas you maybe never thought of before. Dumpster Diving Rocks! (Did I actually say that?)


Anonymous said...

You should have been in my complex this morning- There was a couch in the dumpster.

Anonymous said...

I freeganed today and got my daughter some awesome stuffed animals. This is so much fun!

Cid said...

your post brings back such good memories... Dirk and I lived in a townhouse that was just 50 feet from the dumpster and we had such a great time raiding it for goodies :) the best finds I can remember were a FULL set of encyclopedias and an awesome lamp :)