Friday, June 27, 2008

My Little Cutie Herb Garden

For the last few years we have had a huge vegetable garden! This year however we have travelled and plan on travelling a lot this summer. We decided not to have a garden because we would be in Florida and Texas and everywhere in between and not be able to dedicate the time necessary to have a garden this year. There has been a part of myself that has been a bit sad about not caring for a garden this year. The kids have missed it too. Especially Devin.

I was in Lowe's with the kids yesterday picking out some flowers and I was drawn to the gorgeous, aromatic herbs. I just had to get everything for a sweet little herb garden. It really fed my soul to get my hands dirty and nurture some plants... I just love it and I feel *Whole* again!

Next year I plan on the biggest and best garden yet! My sweet friend Vanessa next door is going to help me and we are going to have a big garden on our property that we both care for. l look forward to that.

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Jodi Renshaw said...

Very sweet. It will fill in nicely in no time at all :) ENJOY!