Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nurturing Ourselves

Joe and I go for massages every three weeks. It is very important to us to take care of ourselves in this way. Being pampered and being in a place of *Receiving* is so vital for someone living a life like we choose to. My massage this morning was so incredible. It feels so good to have my neck and back rubbed to nurture this part of my body that works so hard wearing Orion all day. An hour of tender touches and lovely music playing was so sweet.

It is important for us to be calm and *Present* in our day to day lives. Massage helps us so much with this. Being gentle and attentive comes from treating ourselves lovingly, gently and attentively. Eating fine foods, wearing rich, luxurious fabrics, and receiving massage helps fill our cups to give to others. Massage is such an amazing way to reconnect with our inner-selves and get our energy flowing in such a positive direction.

I am so grateful for this aspect of our lives and being *Aware* enough to understand the importance of it.

Our children also enjoy massages and they are naturally in a place of receiving such pleasure and knowing they deserve it.

"Physical therapy’s purpose is to restore neuromuscular functioning after some damage, whereas massage therapy has systemic effects. It influences your immune system, your endocrine System, your cardiovascular system." Deepok Chopra

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