Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sparkling Rock Band

Our days consist of all of us pursuing our passions and interests and taking on new experiences both inside and outside of our home. This week we discovered the Joys of the new game Rock Band. Wow! This is one incredible game! We have had more fun as a family than with any other game we have ever played together.

"Rock Band allows players to perform in virtual bands by providing up to four players with the ability to play three different peripherals modeled after music instruments (a guitar peripheral for lead guitar and bass guitar gameplay, a drum peripheral, and a microphone). These peripherals are used to simulate the playing of rock music by hitting scrolling notes on-screen. During cooperative play as a band, all players earn points towards a common score."

I absolutely LOVE how this is a cooperative game. We work together as a band to get the best score possible. It combines everything we love as a family.. Rock music, instruments, togetherness and FUN! Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Faith No More, Soundgarden, Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi.... this game has so much great old rock & heavy metal music as well as tons of new stuff. It is Da Bomb!

Here are a few pics of us playing the game.
Dakota is playing with her friends in the last picture, Xan (Josha's son) and Sabra George.


Anonymous said...

Nintendo DDR is a good one, too.

gail said...

We love Rock Bank here also. The kids especially love it when Broc sings as it is the most unusual sound you can imagine!