Monday, July 14, 2008

Super-Duper Smushie Man

Yes, Orion has many nicknames in our family. They tend to change and evolve from month to month. Right now the most common nickname he has is "Supa-Dupa Smush"... Or "Smushie". He's just so jolly, round and well....smooshie! We just love the little dude! Ivy calls him "Buster-Brown in Funky Town". Which sounds more like "Busta-Bown in Bunky-Down" from a 3 year old.

Having a baby has been such a Joy for everyone in the family. Here's a pic of my 5-month old "Chubby-Bubberson"... yup another nickname from Mama.
My fried Jill and I had the best day together with our children! We were talking about how none of our kids ever had swimming lessons, but all learned to swim just from being in the water! A great example of how Unschooling works, not just with swimming, but with everything in our children's lives. We never have to force, coerce, beg, plead, reward or punish. Only Love, Trust and be their partner's in life facilitating their passions and interests. It's Exhilarating... Joyful ... Peaceful ... Organic and Beautiful.
Our kids learn because they can't help it! It's like breathing!
Life is Learning ... Learning is Life ... and Life Rocks!


EcoMaMa said...

Wow he had grown! What cute little legs he has. I miss those days. Such a happy little guy too.

ThinkThankful said...

I think we have Orion's long-lost twin at our house, Gus is almost 4 months and they look about the same size. Can't help but love those chubby babies!

Jodi Renshaw said...

He is so cuddly, isn't he??? Just beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

He's adorable. Are you still putting cloth diapers on him?

Dayna Martin said...

Yes, We are still using cloth. Love those soft baby bums!

Cid said...

Smushie is just plain YUMMY! Tickle those leg rolls for me :)

Love, Cid