Friday, August 15, 2008

Fish Pie

Today I took my father out to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. It was so nice and relaxing. It was just my Dad, myself and Orion. We talked, laughed and ate nachos and sipped margarita's. My father enjoyed many cuddles with his "favorite" grandchild. (Orion looks exactly like my Dad did as a baby so we joke around that he's my Dads "favorite".)

My Dad has a house in New Hampshire and also a home in the Everglades of Florida.

In February I am speaking at a conference in Orlando and before my speaking engagement we are going to spend a couple of days at his house. He is going to take us on a fan boat to check out alligators and the local wildlife. Devin can't wait! He also has a pool and fishing boat, so we are planning a really great trip to spend some time with Grampa Veno and Grammy Cheryl.

My Dad loves anything to do with the ocean and fish. I surprised him during our special lunch with this apple pie that I made. He loves to have apple pie for breakfast with slices of American cheese. I went with the theme of the pie and cut him out enough fish-shaped slices of cheese for each slice of pie.

I am so grateful to have a great relationship with my father. I look forward to all of the fun things we will do together in the future.

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