Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dancing on Sparkles

I am amazed at the intense emotions that I feel everyday from being Dakota's (Tiff's) Mom. Watching her spirit grow, feeling her incredible Joy and often times, incredible frustration, I have learned so much from her. She is my greatest teacher at this point in my life. (My first couple of years as a Mom, Devin was. I always tell him that he taught me how to be a Mom and because I loved it so much I had 3 more kids!)

I can't wait to see what Ivy & Orion teach me about myself and the World over the years. I have so much anticipation. So much Joy in my heart looking toward our future together as a family. So many more incredible, exciting years together! This is just the beginning of our life as a complete family. I am so grateful to be *Here, Now*

One way in which Tiff *Sparkles* so brightly is when she is dancing. Her eyes seem to be in a such a peaceful place. She loves me to watch her and I do. so happily! I am mesmerized by my daughter as she dances around. As I watch her I think about how perfect she is in all of her sensitivity, in all of her intensity. She doesn't need to change. Nor do I need to focus on changing her, or train her to fit into anyone else's box. I am so grateful that she is able to be ~who she is~ every single day, all day long. She is celebrated, honored and so loved.

Yes, she loves to dance, but she doesn't need or want "dancing lessons". She wants to just be Dakota and twirl and jump and be free to be herself and dance to her own music in a way that feels good and beautiful to her.

Today is a rainy day. It's a good day to dance.


Anonymous said...

I gave you an "I Love Your Blog" award.

Anonymous said...

My girls dance through life too. I love that about them.

Wendy Mewhort said...

Hi Dayna.
My daughter Serena also dances 'from her heart', and she has the exact same dress as Tiff.
One of my fondest memories, and favorite stories is of when Serena intuitively danced for seven days straight, following the day I pulled her out of kindergarden.
I do believe that she was rejoicing :-)