Monday, September 15, 2008

Discussion Learning

There are so many labels for "Unschooling". There are just as many opinions about the term. Some love it and compare the word to "uncoiling" or "undo-ing". Some folks don't like the fact that it focuses on what we don't do and not on what we actually do.

I've heard labels such as Life Learning, or Organic Learning, or Delight-driven Learning.

Our truth is, that we consider ourselves all of these things at one time of another. Sometimes we are "delight-driven" exploring something that brings us such Joy. Sometimes we are "surprise-learners" because we had no idea that amazing learning has taken place within us until a later time. I consider myself an "Impetuous Learner" in the way that I passionately take new things on and learn so much from them. We are also "Unschoolers" at times, especially when I see the school bus drive by our house in the morning and my heart fills with gratitude for the lives we have.

Our labels ebb and flow and grow. They change from day to day. In the end, labels are only words. They could never describe the depth and breadth if everything our life embodies. It's okay though, I find labels useful at times and I have a love/hate relationship with them, as many of us do living this life.

When we were in Texas, Joe really wanted to see where JFK was assassinated. He had learned so much about it... not in school...... but from the hit TV show, the X-Files. He had to see the famous "X". On our way there driving on the twisted multi-layered highway we discussed who JFK was. From there we discussed the presidency and which presidents had been shot and by who and why. We discussed the many theories connected to the assassination. The kids were enthralled.

Questions from the kids continued to bubble up, just like when you first pour soda in a glass. The discussion bounced back and forth in the min-van quicker and more energetically than a ping-pong game. You could feel the interest from us all, the absorbing and processes and the learning.

Discussions are one of our best learning tools. We joyfully share information and answer questions. We talk a lot. We share a lot. We enjoy these discussions with our kids, not because we are hoping they learn from them, but because we love this time connecting and sharing. We love the feeling of being so utterly *Present* with them. The eye contact, the touching, the natural flow of an interesting conversation. We just love it!

Here is Joe standing on the famous "X". It represents so much more than a moment in history to me. It represents how we learn. Through interests and discussion and connection.

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