Friday, September 12, 2008

Free To Be

Watching Tiff *Sparkle* at the conference was so awesome. She was totally herself and was embraced by everyone there. She and I were flipping through the conference schedule and noticed that there was a "Leonardo Da Vinci Invention Contest". I asked her if she would be interested and she said "Yes.

We walked down to the main floor and picked up our bag of invention materials. Everyone gets the exact same materials to create their invention with. Then conference attendees vote on 100 inventions and the winners from 3 categories get a prize.

Tiff created a "Barbie Doll Clothes Rack" to hang Barbie clothes. She did a really great job creating her invention. It was quite challenging, but something she found great pleasure in. She wanted to win so badly.

The last night of the Conference, they announced the winners of the Contest. My heart swelled when they announced "Tiffy" as the winner in the "Most Useful" category! She was so excited and shyly, but proudly, walked up on stage to claim her prize. Everyone clapped and cheered for her. I smile thinking of that special moment in her life.

Today she shares that winning that prize was one of her favorite things about the conference. It was so beautiful watching her up on stage... so proud... so confident. I am so grateful for this Conference. It was so important to all of us.


Moxy Jane said...

Thank you for all you gave to others at the conference. It was a pleasure to meet you and to attend your workshop, Nurturing Our Children's Passions.

The talent show was a high-light for me and my daughter as well. I loved how completely at ease all the kids were and how accepting and loving the audience was...there was just such a great energy in that room!

Again, thank you so much and I look forward to checking in on you once in awhile in blogland!

Moxy Jane (Carmen)
Austin, TX

That lady with 6 daughters said...

oh cool, I didn't know that one was hers, she did a great job- I voted for it!

It was great to meet you & your family. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and perspectives, by speaking and advocating. You have a talent for inspiring people to learn from themselves, drawing on inner knowledge and feelings, that's unique.

Susan Burke said...

Hey Dayna! Where did Tiff get her t-shirt? I LOVE IT! And want one for our Lochlann!

Susan Burke said...
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Dayna Martin said...

Hi Susan, we got shirts for the kids at the Rethinking Education Conference. I love them too!

I don't know how you would get one now, but you can always make one on Cafe Press!

Susan Burke said...

Thanks! I will check Cafe Press out!