Friday, September 12, 2008

My Bliss

My favorite aspect of the Rethinking Education conference was hosting six different sessions. The names of the sessions were:

The Journey From Attachment Parenting to Radical Unschooling

Growth Through Our Backsteps

Trusting the Universe

Nurturing Our Children's Passions

Respectful Partnerships

Finding Your Inner Advocate

One thing I didn't expect when leading sessions was how much I would learn myself. It was great noticing the common thread in the Unschooling community. Connecting with the fears and joys that many parents feel enabled me to become a better advocate myself. It was truly an incredible experience that I am so grateful to have had.

It is truly my *Bliss*.

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Erica said...


Let me thank you again for all of your inspirations at the conference. It was great to meet you & your family. It is so refreshing to meet someone so authentic & truly living a peaceful life while sharing it with others!

I was drawn to you just from your short introduction on Thursday. How right my heart was!

Also...I have to share with you how my question of becoming a doula was answered. One of my best friends just told me she is pregnant. It was not "planned" and they do not have insurance. So, I suggested a home birth, because it is cheaper. She started looking into it & is now SO EXCITED about having her baby at home with me helping her! She keeps telling me "how good this feels." She is also now questioning sonograms & circumcision. I am so happy to have influenced her in this direction. So, now my journey to being a doula has begun!

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