Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Day With Fox News

When we got home from Texas we were contacted by Becky Diamond of Fox News. She wanted our family for a Primetime News Story about Unschooling. Our family is going to be featured in a segment along with John Taylor Gatto.

We discussed everything with the kids, as we always do, and we decided as a family that we would like to take part in this opportunity. Although the segment will be short, Becky came and filmed our family for about 6 hours. We had a really fun day, doing what we always do, living and learning together. I was also interviewed alone about Unschooling philosophy.

We all had an exciting day and the kids learned so much about film and how the News puts together a story. Here are a few pictures of our day with Fox News.

Just another day in the life of the Sparkling Martins.


Sierra Mama said...

Very cool!

Do you know when it will be on the air?

The Curious Holts said...

OH my! HOW WONDERFUL, Dayna. It looks like you guys had fun. Please let us know when it will be on. Interesting that such a conservative channel is branching out to do an RUS story. yea!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Can you put it on youtube?

Amanda Enclade said...

I cannot wait to see this segment. Wow, your family and John Gatto...yum yum yum.

MamaK said...

I would love to see this segment, can you you tube it, please??-K

christinemm said...

I saw the FoxNews segment last night.

You did a great job Dayna! You are brave to put yourself out like that, to be interviewed by FoxNews.

Our family no longer unschools, I do still respect the philosophy. I still mourn a bit that it was not working out for my older son, which made me stop doing it, and it is not a good fit for my younger son either.

I hadn't realized you had YouTube videos. Kudos!! You are so well spoken!