Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Tiff turned seven years old the other day. We had just a few close friends over to celebrate. My sweet friend Jill and her family came. Also our friend Caitlin came with her beautiful family.

There was 11 Unschooled kids at Tiffs party, along with 2 Grandfathers and one Grammy, who were in awe of all of the fluttering activity.
It was a very special day filled with good food, traditional party activities and lots of fun. Dakota had the best birthday ever, according to her. She was thrilled to open presents and win the three-legged race.

Tiff has a very special day with her friends. She was so gracious and loving at her party. I am so proud of all that my little girl has become.


Melissa said...

Sounds like she had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Tiff!

Autumn said...

happy birthday to tiff. looks like a sweet sweet party.