Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Contact Talk Radio

I did a really fun interview recently on Contact Radio. As I spoke and answered questions, I enojyed looking out the window of Devin's room watching the kids play with Joe. Orion was fast asleep in the next room while I shared about our unique life.
The hosts asked me back to share more and I look forward to that time when I can passionately explain how we live our Joyful Life together as a family.


Anonymous said...

I liked it- We could have used Devin and his survival skills around here during the hurricane.

I, too, have not felt any need for "me time". There are a lot of "mainstream" things I cannot relate to, such as bedtime struggles. I have a friend that totally fights with her kids to go to bed, and her kids are total insomniacs from the power struggle. (And always crabby from being overtired). My daughter comes up to me and says, "night night" when she wants to go to sleep. I put her down, and that's it. I have told my friend to let them sleep when they are tired, she says, "They're never tired."

Anonymous said...

Also, try the website childadvocate.org
Laurie (The owner of that site) makes cartoons about the thing you talked about re: the way women used to be treated vs. the way children are treated now.