Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Devin's Drum Lesson

It is so amazing living this life when our kids do something that make us sit in awe of *All That They Are*.
Devin took his first drum lesson tonight. The instructor was really cool and Devin really clicked with him. That was very important to us and him.

As the lesson progressed I could see the instructor, Jeremy, just light up in amazment over Devin's ability. He couldn't stop smiling at Devin as he played the drums Joyfully and confidently.
Devin has a gift. He is really good at drumming and the game Rock Band has really aided him on his path. How cool that a video game helped my son be the drummer than he is today. He is truly amazing!

Devin was so cranked up and exciting to take a formal class for drumming. We really want him to be able to pursue this interest and get the most out of his lessons, so private lessons seemed best for him.

Devin rocks and I am so grateful to be his Mom! I think he is the coolest kid ever!


Anonymous said...

Go Devin! YOU ROCK!
It takes crazy skills to play the drums.

Maybe when we come visit again you and Sydney can jam. She loves the drums and just recently started playing also.


Autumn said...

what a wonderful experience for you all. my hubbie is a drummer and i know how awesome it is to watch someone you love with a gift like that. rock on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dayna...that's so great that Devin is into the drums and enjoyed his lesson! My son, Addison, wants a drum set for his birthday. He'll turn 7 next month. He, too, loves playing drums on Rock Band (hey, who doesn't?!?). Do you guys have a drum set at home? We're looking around for one...don't know whether to buy new or used. Any advice???

Anonymous said...

oops...since I'm "anonymous," it may be difficult for you to respond to me directly! ;-)

I'm Cathy at

jill said...

yay devin!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Dayna,

Your blog is an inspiration to me. I do not have children as of yet. But you are truly an inspiration on how I would like my home life to be to my children.... I appreciate the links you post regarding the virtual knee surgery. I shared this site with my nephew who is 8.....Love it.

thanks again.
Namaste. Anna

Dayna Martin said...

Hi Cathy!
We are buying Devin a drum set for Xmas.
Here is the link to the set he wants.

He can't wait! We are actually turning my office into a music studio for him soon. Very cool stuff indeed!

~Peace & Love, Dayna

Anonymous said...

How cool is that drumset!!?? Does he want the metallic green? LOVE IT! :-D


Dayna Martin said...

Thank you for your sweet post Anna! I'm happy you find this blog inspirational. I love putting it together.
~Warmly, Dayna

Anonymous said...

Hi Dayna...I just wanted to thank you for putting up the link to the drum set that Devin wants. Addison's 7th birthday is next week and he chose the metallic blue drum set. We just ordered it last night. He can't wait to start playing and taking lessons soon! I'm so happy for him as he is such a musical person, as are all my kids, and he is the king of Guitar Hero and Rock Band already. :-)

I've been loving your blog and visiting it often. Thank you for your constant inspiration!

Cathy, also in NH :-)