Saturday, November 29, 2008

Devin's New Drum Set

Reminder: To listen to this video scroll down and pause the music on my black Playlist player on the right.

Devin just got his new drum set in the mail! I cleaned out my office so Devin could use it as a "Music Studio." It was important for him to have a place to keep his drum set where he could lock the door so his little sisters couldn't get to it if he didn't want them to. I plan on painting the music notes or something cool on the walls in there soon. His Studio is a small room off of our playroom/my childbirth teaching studio which is above Willow Toys Workshop. It isn't in our house so he can go out any time he wants to rock out.

Nurturing our kids interests in such an important aspect of our lives. When they are passionate about something we dive right in with both feet and do everything we can to give them as much support and encouragement as possible. I love that Devin can spend hours a day doing everything he wants to do.

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