Friday, November 28, 2008

Embrace Kaizen

I was walking on my treadmill yesterday listening to Tony Robbins. He is one of my favorite motivational speakers. I love his Worldview and positive attitude so much.
While sweating and loving every minute of it, I was listening to Tony's' belief that humans are designed to be in a constant state of improving their lives and relationships. It is through personal growth that we are truly happy. I love how he shared that when we don't put the effort into a relationship or do more to maintain it, it slowly dies. When we focus on it and make the effort to improve it, it grows and flourishes.

I really dig this guy.....I mean, he's right! I know personally I am always needing more. More from myself, more from life, more from my own personal success and more from relationships. Isn't it funny that modern culture almost looks down on this type of "wanting". It felt good to hear Tony explain what I had been feeling my whole life as being normal and a sign that I am on the path of success in life.

The Japanese have a single word for "constant and never-ending improvement" and it's called "Kaizen." Kaizen is from the Japanese words Kai and Zen where "kai" means change and "zen" means good. Yes folks, change is good! It's natural and fluid. It is the state that most humans are happy and content in. Being willing to grow and change and be in a state of Gratitude allows us Kaizen in every aspect of our lives...


Anonymous said...

Great posts lately. Nice to hear about pursuing your own interests. Motivational speakers- I occasionally go to church at Lakewood. The pastor there (Joel Osteen) is a Christian motivational speaker. Although, he is often criticized for not really being a Christian because he's a motivational speaker. (How dare we try to be positive, huh?)
PS, thanks (You're welcome?) for your lovely thank you note.

Anonymous said...

lovely post. i don't think i've ever commentedon your blog, but i've been lurking for well over a year now. i am truly enjoying it.
thank you.