Thursday, November 27, 2008

Moshing For Peace

My path to this place in my life is so unique. As a kid and teen I was a total "Metal Head". I have always loved heavy metal music, for as long as I remember. People are always so surprised to hear that after they meet me.

I remember being 15 and making a promise to myself that I would never, ever stop listening to Metallica. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Autograph and photo of Tom Araya from Slayer. Also some cool Slayer panties. (wink). Tom wrote, "Dayna Dude!" I was the only girl in line for his autograph.
I've kept that promise, for 20 years now. I guess most people enjoy the music they listened to as teens in their adult years. Metallica, and many, many other hard-core bands have been such a big part of how I got to this place today. I am so grateful that I was so immersed in the Metal scene for so much of my life. I guess what I was really promising myself way back then was that I always stay true to *Who I Am*.

I played in a Metal band and I attended so many heavy metal concerts as a teen and young adult. Often times I was the only girl at a show.. I remember seeing a band called, "Obituary" and I was the only girl at the club, other than the bartenders.. It was hard being in the Metal scene as a female. Either you were looked at as a "groupie" or someone that not many guys took seriously... But those that knew me knew I was always "real" and "hard core".... My dream back then was to become one of the first Female Heavy Metal Artists...

I remember meeting the band Slayer when I was pregnant with Ivy a few years ago. I told Tom Araya the singer, that I listened to Slayer on the way to Births as a Doula... He thought that was very cool. He gave me a hug and it was nice to chat and connect with him about my passion. He has 2 kids and his wife had homebirths. I saw him as a person chasing his passions, just like me.

I have always stayed true to that promise I made so long ago, not only with the music I listen to but just being myself. It's all I know how to be! ;)

So the next time your kids want to listen to music you may be opposed to, or play video games that may be "violent" and watch a TV show that may make you cringe, remember my words...

Trust Your Kids Path! Know that whatever they choose is right for them and meets a real, true need within them. Connect with their passions and become their partner in life. Music is more than a string of notes put together with someone screaming in the background. It is heart, soul, passion.. It changes the World.

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Rock on, sister!