Saturday, November 1, 2008

Orion Starts Solids

Today was a special day for my little man. He started eating solid food! For my family, our babies begin eating solids, when they can feed themselves. Before that point they are breastfed exclusively, with the exception of the occasional taste of something from my finger.

I truly believe that "baby food" is completely unnecessary. I know that some parents think it is fun to feed their babies baby food. I respect that. The baby food market is really good at making people think it is necessary, but it is my belief is that the ideal baby food is breastmilk. It is all a baby needs until a baby has reached the developmental milestone of sitting up and feeding themselves.

Here is Orion at 9 months eating banana for the first time and loving it!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I agree with u about waiting on solids. One reason why it is best to wait on formulas and solids is b/c of food allergies. I know several children who were fed soy formula and they are now highly allergic to peanut. Congrats to Orion for having a mommy who knows what she's talking about!

~Heather ;)

growingupartists said...

I'm not a baby food person either. I figure, once they start getting their molars in, their digestive system is ready with the chewing and saliva that can manage solids. Until then, breastmilk, and baby snacks in moderation, always beware of allergy-triggers.

GAB said...

VERY interesting! (as usual)

Doesn't seem to have done any harm to your chubby little chap ;-) LOL

It is SO hard to go against the mainstream ways though... it takes a lot of courage for young parents to do things differently :-(

I meant to ask : some post have disapeared haven't they? I especially noticed the disapearing of the last one ou wrote on Orion's birth (very beautiful) and the one about shopping the LOA way (I wanted to go back to it because I felt inspired to try that myself).

Thanks again for sharing, anyway!