Monday, November 17, 2008

That's How He Rolls

We decided to "Unschool" Orion in driving and just let him have-at-it.

He did well for the most part and only hit a few pedestrians. It was a rough hour, but he got the hang of it.


jill said...

looks like he had a blast. im sure the pedestrians were fine. . .i mean, your rvs not THAT big!

Danielle said...

That's such a fun age.

Stephanie S. said...

Mine's ready to drive.
He's seven.
I figure we can go over to the church parkinglot in our neighborhood to practice.
Er.. 'cept not on Sunday!

I also should tell you that I've seen your blog in various places over the last couple of years - linking with other unschoolers.
I should tell you that your title has made me smile.

~~Vanessa said...

That's great... I have let JPA do the same!!!