Thursday, November 13, 2008

Devin's Handi-Work

Lately Devin can be found under a warm blanket on the couch watching Avatar and doing a project of some kind.
He surprised me the other day saying, "Mom, I made this for you". He had made me a crocheted heart. It was so sweet and thoughtful. I love it.

Then yesterday he finished his first embroidery project. He made a ying/yang symbol. He was very proud of his work! I am going to find a frame to put it so he can display it in his room.

We are going to start making Christmas gifts soon. If anyone has any good ideas or websites with project ideas please send them our way!


Anonymous said...

Check out this blog-
She does a lot of different crafty stuff, mostly homemade cards lately. Check out her sidebar, too for great ideas. I have learned so much from her blog.

Sierra Mama said...

Our favorite is

We love making the lego creations that they have on there.

growingupartists said...

Here's a website filled with links for Mama to explore...

Alysia Meszynski said...

"chocolate mice" these are too cute had to share with you.
we plan on making a whole bunch.
hope you and your family have a magical christmas.

dharmamama said...

Do you know Soulemama?

She just recently gave birth, so some of her posts lately are pre-written contests... except today's post, which is a sweet pic of her new wee one in some knitted pants. Someone in the comments said, "They're the size of a potholder!" How sweet is that?

You can search her archives for crafty ideas - her book is beautiful!!