Monday, November 10, 2008

Upcoming Family Fun

I love having tons of things to look forward to in life! I Ever since I was a little kid, counting down the days until we leave for a trip or fun event was so much fun. My kids love it too.

We have a few cool things lined up for the next 6 months.

Some of our upcoming adventures are:

Polar Express on December 21st - We can't wait to go on this adventure to the North Pole! Tickets are really hard to get your hands on and they are by drawing only. The kids go in their pajamas and enjoy hot chocolate on the way.
Disney World arriving on January 28th (Ivy's Birthday) - This is our second trip this year! Orion's first birthday is the day after Ivy's, so two kiddos will celebrate at the Magic Kingdom. We are staying at Fort Wilderness again and will be there for 9 days. We have a pass to all four parks and we were stoked to get the Disney Dining Plan this time around! Ivy is so looking forward to her special birthday dinner with Winnie the Pooh at the Crystal Palace. Josha and her family are coming with us.

SHEAF Conference starting February 6th - I will be the Keynote Speaker. This homeschooling conference is right in Orlando at Universal Studios! It is going to be so amazing!

Sea World and the Everglades starting Feb 8th - We have a ticket left from our last visit for Sea World and we can't wait to go back! My father lives in the Everglades of Florida and he plans on showing us a really good time. The kids can't wait to go to Shell Island and also go on pontoon boat to check out alligators.

Great Big Happy Life Conference - April 28-May 1, 2009 - This conference retreat looks amazing! I am honored to be one of the main speakers for this unique event.

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growingupartists said...

Looks interesting and fun, can't wait to hear all the updates...keep us informed.