Thursday, December 4, 2008

Homemade From the Heart

We have begun making Christmas gifts for those we love. Today the girls and I made these pretty soaps. We grated Ivory Soap in the food processor. Then we added food coloring and some Rosemary essential oil. We formed them into balls and then I wrapped pretty pink netting around them and finished them off with a bow. They are designed to be used in the netting. The netting not only looks pretty, but holds them together. It also exfoliates! How nifty!

We are going totally homemade this year for family and friends. The kids will get many exciting gifts and toys from Santa, but everyone else on our list will get heartfelt things that we make together as a family.


Sierra Mama said...

what a wonderful gift idea!

we will have to make some of these too for our family and friends.

mamak said...

Oooh Those look great!-K