Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our First Quilt

Living this life means not being afraid to try new things. It is so important as Radical Unschooling parents that our children see us learning all the time. I want them to know that learning is just part of life and we never stop this amazing journey of self discovery and exploration of everything that interests us every single day.

I got a new sewing machine and decided that I wanted to make Orion a quilt.

I never thought I would enjoy sewing because I am so not into measuring and pinning and all of the little details that I thought it took to create a quilt. Once I got started, I just banged it out Joyfully. I had a lot of help and everyone sewed the squares together with me and as we did this, we all learned to use a sewing machine and sew together! We didn't need a book or classes, we just needed to do it and make mistakes and just keep trying!

In the end, we all learned to so much and it wasn't difficult or painful. It was fun and easy!

Here is a picture of our finished quilt and with our combined effort, we not only made Orion a cool Christmas gift, we gave ourselves the gift of learning a new skill together as a family.


Melissa said...

It turned out great!!

Veronica said...

Dayna- I just have to say that I love your blog and your online videos. I find them so inspirational and I know you are making changes in this world by putting the message out there. I hope you never stop posting because it is so great!! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

It looks awesome!!! I love quilting, and think it has an awesome history. It has gone from a basic survival item of poor people, to a luxury item for the wealthy, to an art form. You gotta love something that can be all three of those.

Jessica said...

That looks awesome Dayna! Lucky babe. :)