Monday, December 1, 2008

A Few Favorite Radical Things

I have decided to share a few radical, Sparkling things that have entered out home this week!

The first is the children's book, "I Am Learning All The Time" by Rain Fordyce I loved the positive, joyful perspective that this book shares about the Unschooling life.

The second is these awesome Hugalugg leg-warmers that I bought the kids from ! Ivy and Orion wear them everyday. They are so adorable and this time of year we need something to cover that little space between my babies knees and ankles. Really affordable too! Sometimes it is the only thing they have on!

Third is the awesome book by Scott Noelle, "The Daily Groove". I love the quality and easy to digest "Grooves" that he has on each page.. Very cool.


Sierra Mama said...

We also have the "I am Learning all the Time" book.

We all love it, especially Trevor and Rain was nice enough to sign the book for him.

kat said...

thanks for sharing this! my daughter and i let our awesome library know that even though there is a large homeschooling/unschooling community here, they do not carry a single book for me to read to my children about a homeschooling family. this book is only the second one i have found! and i am so happy to support them!

Natalie said...

We love babylegs. I have so many of them for the girls. Trinity wears them on her arms...We have a lot of fun and funky colors. It was also very easy for EC'ing.
I would ike to buy this book for the girls. Thanks.

Danielle said...

That's a neat book. I find myself telling all kinds of people that kids learn all the time. Especially at work, when some of my coworkers may look at a new thing and say, "Kids won't learn anything from this."

I was listening to your playlist song "Exactly" last night, and my husband said it reminded him of the song "Handlebars" by the Flobots.

Susan Burke said...

We love baby legs too and they are only about $8 or $9 a pair. Lochlann wears them still and so does our 22 month old nephew Aidan.

Anonymous said...

"Ruby in Her Own Time" is my favorite unschooly picture book!

Thanks for the great recommendations.....

The Ray's