Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Time

Today Joe and Devin went for haircuts. (Yes, they still have long hair, but got their dead ends trimmed.. )

While they were there, they asked the hairdresser is her kids knew about Webkinz, (one of my kids current passion). She told them that her kids knew about it, but didn't have any "Free Time" to be able
explore what it was all about.
When they came home and told me about this, it got me thinking... Isn't the term, "Free time", contrasting to restricted or controlled time?
How has "Free Time" become a luxury?

Shouldn't we all have time to ourselves to do what we want and pursue or interests?

The idea that this 9 year old didn't have any "free time" was so interesting to me.

Our kids do not know the concept of "Free Time". There time is always, inarguable Free.... Their lives are their own, without having living someone else's agenda...

I am so proud that the term, "Free Time" isn't part of our vocabulary....

Life is Free Time...

Here is an image of what Devin does with his "Free Time", which is every waking hour of his life.


Kelly said...

Time is the most valuable thing I've got (husband and child excepted). I guard it with my life.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Dayna.