Saturday, April 4, 2009

Passions of the Universe

I have so many interests as a woman and as a Mother. Most people know me as an Unschooling and Birth Advocate, but I have many other things that I am passionate about.
I love Astronomy and Science and I am a self-proclaimed sky junkie. I love anything to do with the stars and the Universe. It is such a part of Who I Am and my roots of becoming a Mother and Wife. I even won an award in college for my work in an Astronomy. It's funny because back in those days I was petrified of public speaking and almost passed out on stage accepting the award. I couldn't manage to say much of anything except quickly thanking Joe for helping with the housework while I studied.
I am in an utterly Blissful Place when I am exploring the Universe and I love hearing about the vastness of space and I get goosebumps when I hear about light years, or space time.
Tonight our family visited the Planetarium... We saw a special film on Black Holes.. Devin and Dakota enjoyed it, but the narration was a little complicated to follow. I was glued to the screens as I listened to the booming voice sharing about how black holes are formed, from dying stars. They collapse upon themselves and bend light. Amazing. One of my dreams and I have it on my vision board, is to visit the Very Large Aray in New Mexico.
Here I am in front of the am in front of the Incredible Star Projector at the University of Maine's Planetarium.

I loved being there, honoring my inner geek.
Here is a site that I love to visit if anyone is interested. It is the Astronomy Picture of the Day.


Krista said...

I just loved a program I listened to on our local radio station, it's a series on Galileo. I was so fascinated I didn't want it to end. Boy, did he turn the Catholic Church's theory of the Universe on its head! Thank goodness. This is a very worthy passion of yours... I also have a passion for science, especially human and plant biology. Oh, the joy of learning!

By the way, I've enjoyed your blog for a few months now, I'm a chronic lurker, but today I'll take a moment say hello! SO many of your values are in line with my own. Thanks for what you do.

Anonymous said...

Dayna, us, too!!! My husband and I love to watch Universe documentaries, in fact, we have the whole series of "The Universe" on our netflix.

I don't know if you saw this, but you might like this video-

(Sorry, I don't know how to embed links into comments)

Also, you might like the "10th dimension" guy on youtube. My husband likes him, but he's a little too mind boggling for me.

Valerie said...

Hi Dayna, Saying "Hello" from Maine. Funny, my 4 yr old son is very interested in the planets lately. I was thinking about taking him to a planetarium. I know the Univ. of Southern Maine has a planetarium. Did you go up to Orono? :) Valerie

lotusbirther said...

You might be interested to look at the BBC's sky at night which is one every month and is viewable on "watch again" on the iplayer for a few more days I think
It is unmissable in our household!